Vintage electrical cables

The braided cord is the essential element for creating splendid rustic-style exposed installations. The braided electrical cable is covered with fabric. Its sturdy and resistant braid gives the cord superior durability, ensuring a solid structure for your outdoor exposed electrical installation.

Braided cable for exposed electrical system
Delivery in 1/2 days
Braided braided wire cable section 3x0.75 covered in fabric, ideal for creating exposed rustic external electrical systems in vintage style. NOTE: You can choose the length best suited to your needs starting from 1 m, choosing the quantity (example: quantity 3 corresponds to 3 linear metres). The cable will be cut to the length you prefer.
You can match the ceramic insulators used as cable tensioners and other accessories for exposed electrical systems .
The cables are made of high quality PVC which prevents the formation of humps or creases . They are used as a flexible extension to create ceiling or wall light points. Available in different colors: orange, white, blue, black, yellow, red, gold and brown.

Nominal Voltage: Uo/U 300/300/V
Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature: 150°C