Electrical Ceramic Junction Box

Ceramic electrical junction boxes hand-crafted in Italy to create an exposed electrical system in a vintage and rustic style. These electrical boxes are made with handcrafted techniques and high-quality materials, giving them timeless elegance and charm. The hand-painted models are particularly valuable, thanks to the careful decorations and details that make them true handcrafted masterpieces.

Ceramic Junction Box - Handmade
Delivery in 1/2 days
Ceramic junction box to create a rustic and vintage exposed electrical system. Available with 2 or 4 outlet holes. The image shows an example of use.
Diameter: 8.3cm, Height: 5.5cm
Hand-painted ceramic junction box
Delivery within max 10 days
Butterfly ceramic junction box also available with decorations (green, blue, brown, red, amber or without decoration, yellow or all white). This product is ideal for creating an exposed electrical lighting system in a vintage rustic style (in our guides you can see how an exposed system is created). This item, refined in taste and unique in shape, is handmade in Italy and follows the most modern trends in interior lighting design while keeping the classic style intact. It is covered by a 24 month warranty. It can be combined with other models of the same style visible by scrolling the page.
Dimensions: 9x9.5 cm.