Copper Pendant Lights

Rustic copper chandeliers made in Italy by skilled artisans who work copper using traditional techniques that require great skill and precision. Copper is a durable and hard-wearing material that brings warmth and brightness to the room in which it is placed. These copper chandeliers are perfect for decorating rustic or traditional settings, but they can also be used in modern settings to create contrasts and cozy atmospheres. Thanks to their elegance and beauty, they are able to create a unique and visually striking atmosphere.

Pendant chandelier with vintage retro painted polished copper lampshade - Ø 21 cm
Delivery within max 10 days
Suspension lamp with flat lampshade in painted polished copper. The support cup can be fixed to both masonry and wooden ceilings.
This pendant chandelier lends itself perfectly to the creation of an exposed lighting system in rustic style (in our guides you can see how an exposed system is created).
The lampshade plate is supported by a 3x0.75 section white fabric braided cable, approximately one meter long, with E27 connection (normal light bulb), maximum 100 watts (also compatible with LED light bulbs). The diameter of the plate is 21 cm.
This article, refined in taste and unique in shape, is handmade in Italy following the most modern trends in interior lighting design while keeping the classic style intact. It is covered by a 24 month warranty.
It can be combined with other models of the same style visible by scrolling the page.