Ceramic Insulators

Vintage exposed ceramic and porcelain electrical system insulators are fine pieces that evoke antique style and lend a classic and elegant feel to any room. These insulators are made of high-quality ceramic or porcelain and feature a smooth, polished finish.

The vintage look of these insulators makes them perfect for use in restoration projects or decorating retro-style rooms, such as country houses, old villas, or vintage-style designer apartments. Because of their timeless beauty, ceramic and porcelain insulators are a decorative element that can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one.

Ceramic insulator for braided cables - Handmade in Italy
Delivery in 1/2 days
Insulator in fine white artisan porcelain for vintage rustic exposed electrical system. The ceramic insulators must be fixed to the wall, ceiling or wooden beams using a screw or nail and positioned approximately every 30/40 cm to tighten the braided cable. The cable clip is designed for external braided cable installation and ideal for creating vintage rustic style exposed electrical installations on walls and ceilings.