Vintage Lamp Cords

This Vintage Style Cloth Covered Electrical Wire is suitable for wiring or re-wiring antique or vintage lamps, and even fans and small appliances where you want a genuine and authentic vintage look.

Braided wire cable for exposed electrical installations - Section 3x0.75
Delivery in 3 days in Europe (7 outside EU)
Braided wire cable braid section 3x0.75 in fabric.Ideal for creating rustic vintage style exposed outdoor electrical installations and for creating chandeliers, abat-jour pendant lamps.
The cables are made of high quality PVC that prevents the formation of bumps or kinks.They are used as flexible extension cord to create ceiling or wall light points available in different colors: orange, white, blue, black, yellow, red, gold and brown.
Braided cable covered in cotton that creates a natural, matte effect. It is often used in combination with vintage elements such as brass, iron, copper, porcelain and ceramics.

Nominal Voltage: Uo/U 300/300/V
Maximum Operating Temperature:60°C
Maximum Short Circuit Temperature: 150°C